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Google Pixel 4 preview with Soli sensor

Google’s Pixel 4 to offer “Motion Sense” tech

Unlocking a phone using a finger is just one side of things Google will keep going in the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, because ahead of its launch, Google is talking about the other.

We’re still a good couple of months before an expected launch date for Google’s next Pixel phones, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, and yet there’s talk about some of the features. Or should we say more talk.

Last month in June, Google leaked the camera itself, giving the public a bit of a glimpse of what could be expected, although without saying a whole lot. It was almost as if the company wanted everyone to draw their own conclusions, and at least preview what a square camera block on a phone would look like before we’re expected to see it somewhere else, such as on a competitor’s phone.

This month, Google is talking a little more about some of the tech it plans to introduce, answering some of the rumours at the same time.

It’s a technology Google is talking about that its Advanced Technology and Projects team (ATAP) has been working on, developing a motion sensing technology that will be used pick up on gestures and facial recognition.

For Google, this technology is wrapped in the Soli sensor, which is ATAP’s motion-sensing radar technology, capable of picking up on hand motions and using algorithms to recognise them.

Google Pixel 4 preview with Soli sensor

Google says the Motion Sense features will support music control, alarm snoozing, and phone call silencing, with the technology also turning on face unlock and opening the phone as you pick it up, a chance for how face unlock presently works on most devices.

It’s just one feature Google looks keen to talk about ahead of time, which makes you wonder, just how many new features we’re expected to see by the time the new Pixel rolls out.

There’s no clear timeline yet, but previous Google Pixel models have been announced in October, so the feeling right now is that’s when you’ll be able to expect this one.

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