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Adobe Illustrator Color Sneak

Adobe connects photo colour to patterns in no time

A new feature is coming to Adobe Illustrator, and it’s one that could make designs look more like photos, or at the very least, the colour from them.

Whether an artist is amateur, enthusiast, or professional, sometimes coming up with the perfect palette of colours can be a little difficult.

Colour theory isn’t something we all completely get, but it’s something we can appreciate.

However, a feature coming to Adobe’s Illustrator app could help you embrace colours that work from a picture you like.

Demonstrated at the OFFF Barcelona festival covering artistry, Adobe previewed a feature in its Illustrator libraries window that could analyse a photo and gather a colour palette of swatches to apply to an illustration.

The technology is similar to what you mind find in Adobe’s Color (formerly Kuler), and basically provides an automatic palette creation that you can then apply to your images, filling the colour spots quickly and then able to adjust them if they’re not quite what you want them to be.

Called “Colour Transfer Sneak”, the feature should be coming in Illustrator in the near future.

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