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Vodafone’s NBN sees a price cut (though not for long)

Saving money is always a good thing, especially when it’s on something that can get expensive, which is why it’s worth pointing out a Vodafone plan change.

As more telcos start to make the switch into being not just a mobile provider, but one of broadband as well, we’re seeing some interesting movement in the pricing game.

Already Amaysim has thrown up some very interesting price points for folks keen to see the NBN under a different brand, and now that Vodafone is offering access to the National Broadband Network, it too is doing the same thing.

In fact, this week the telco has announced that for a couple of months, it will see the cost of its NBN access drop, as the $70 Basic NBN is dropped to $60, the $95 Essential+ is moved to $70, and the $110 Premium becomes $95.

According to Vodafone’s Matthew Lobb, General Manager of Fixed Services for the telco, much of this reasoning comes from being able to offer the flexibility for new launch offers because it’s a new player.

“We believe in offering people premium customer service and innovation at a competitive price,” he said. “For us, it’s about the total customer experience and not just getting people to sign up.”

That said, the pricing is limited, with Vodafone’s NBN pricing ending around the end of March, something Lobb told Pickr was related to a promotion on its NBN 50 plan.

“The new pricing includes a market leading modem with 4G backup and 2-3GB of bonus mobile data now at a very sharp promotional price,” said Lobb.

“When NBN finalises their long term pricing, we will be in a better position to finalise our longer term plans. We can say, however, that both value and customer experience are at the core of Vodafone NBN and we’ll continue to bring customers great new plans, promotions, and products.”

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