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Vodafone rolls out mobile landline, WiFi boosting

Our reliance on broadband has meant that technologies have changed dramatically over the years, and that includes the death of the landline. But hold up, because if you still need it, Vodafone may have you covered. Sort of.

The National Broadband Network may be taking its sweet time to roll out to your home, but even if you don’t have super high speed internet, you probably have a broadband connection that has changed your home phone completely: you probably don’t use it.

With broadband not even requiring a dedicated landline connection, and mobile now taking over from the landline, the standard home phone is becoming less and less important in Australia.

And yet for some, however, it’s something they can’t live without, and that’s where Vodafone is talking up a solution.

Called the “Vodafone Mobile Landline”, it’s a mobile phone number that costs $5 per month and takes calls from a standard home phone number, redirecting it to the mobile.

Essentially, if you have a landline you still rely on, you can send that phone number to your personal phone, or even leave a mobile phone in the home connected to that number.

It’s a neat solution to a problem that quite a few Aussies have, and allows the landline to still be involved in their life, in a way, anyway.

Vodafone is rolling out the mobile landline on the Vodafone NBN connections, and it’s not the only recent addition, with a WiFi booster also being added to the product line-up.

Much like Telstra’s recent upgrades to its smart home, Vodafone’s WiFi Booster is a WiFi range extender supporting up to 32 devices in the home, boosting connectivity.

The WiFi Booster should be able to be used with other routers and modem routers not necessarily made or released by Vodafone, which means it’s an option for quite a few people, and one that can be found for either $5 per month over three years or $180 outright.

You’ll find the additions over at Vodafone’s NBN presence, with both in-store and online able to provide more information.

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