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Telstra turns on Toowoomba to 5G

Your phone can’t yet take advantage of a 5G network, but that doesn’t mean 5G isn’t here, because if you’re in Queensland, you will have options.

A quick glimpse to the future of next generation of mobile connectivity aims to be faster than what we have now, but shock horror, it’s not available yet.

That’s one of the downsides of something reserved for the future, though the good news is that this future may not be as far off as you might expect.

Rather, it might now be down to the mobile makers and not necessarily Australian telecommunications networks to deliver.

Only weeks after Telstra officially flipped the switch on its new and faster 5G network on the Gold Coast, the telco has turned access on in Toowoomba as well, giving Queensland a bit of an edge, even though that edge is partially blunted by a lack of 5G devices available anywhere to access this network.

However, that’s something that should be coming next year, and means that places where 5G is available will be able to jump onto 5G immediately when they do.

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