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Stan offers Bond, James Bond in 4K Ultra HD from Boxing Day

The icon who likes his martinis shaken, not stirred will have his movies streamed, not downloaded in 4K on Stan from December 26.

Finding Ultra HD movies has become easier since 4K started being made available on streaming platforms. While you can find 4K UHD Blu-rays, streaming services can make a whole lot more sense, offering high quality 4K streams on a download, but you do need the connection to make it work.

If you have the NBN or cable, you should be good, but you’re essentially looking for a 25 megabit connection at a minimum to make a 4K Ultra HD stream shine, not to mention a 4K TV (because you can’t run 4K imagery without a 4K TV).

You can find 4K titles on Netflix and you can find 4K titles on Stan, and from Boxing Day this year onwards, the latter of these will have a good two dozen more 4K titles belonging to one series: Bond, James Bond.

Yes, 007 is coming to Stan, and is doing so in 4K, something Australians don’t yet have access to entirely in 4K, regardless of it being streaming or 4K Blu-ray.

That means if you want the entire James Bond collection in Ultra HD, you’ll need a Stan subscription, at least from December 26 onwards, as the entire 007 series of movies excluding that one with Woody Allen in it goes to Stan in a resolution greater than Full HD.

If you don’t have a 4K Ultra HD TV yet (and not everyone does), that’s fine, because Stan will serve up a resolution suitable for your TV that will still get you the 007 marathon you may be looking for, with the Bond movies including:

  1. Dr. No
  2. From Russia With Love
  3. Goldfinger
  4. Thunderball
  5. You Only Live Twice
  6. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  7. Diamonds Are Forever
  8. Live And Let Die
  9. The Man With The Golden Gun
  10. The Spy Who Loved Me
  11. Moonraker
  12. For Your Eyes Only
  13. Octopussy
  14. A View To A Kill
  15. The Living Daylights
  16. Licence To Kill
  17. GoldenEye
  18. Tomorrow Never Dies
  19. The World Is Not Enough
  20. Die Another Day
  21. Casino Royale
  22. Quantum Of Solace
  23. Skyfall
  24. Spectre

It also includes the “Never Say Never Again” unofficial James Bond movie that looks at the Thunderball plot once more, and returns Sean Connery to the role, making it a good 25 James Bond movies to get into and binge watch at your leisure.

A handful of James Bond titles are available in 4K Ultra HD in Australia, including the “Spectre” and “Skyfall”, but only on iTunes Australia. However, the older titles haven’t seen a 4K release in Australia as they have in other parts of the world on Apple’s 4K-compatible network.

However, you’ll find them all on Stan in 4K and lower resolutions from Boxing Day onwards, potentially giving you something to watch while everyone is out trying to land a bargain or two at the sales.

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