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Microsoft’s Surface Go goes to retail this week

Apple’s $499 iPad isn’t the only mid-ranged iPad game in town. This week, it’s joined by Microsoft’s Go.

Tablets may feel like their space is being gradually eroded by the laptops and big phones, but there are still folks that prefer a thin computer to take with them.

There’s a good reason why, too: tablets make for great portable workhorses, with a dash of entertainment thrown in for good measure.

While some devices are clearly just for content consumption, a really good tablet can handle both, and that’s certainly true of Apple’s 9.7 inch iPad. It may not have the special keyboard connection port at the bottom like its iPad Pro sibling, but it still offers a fast on-screen keyboard and some solid performing tech inside, as well.

But this week, it’s not the only tablet made for double duty, as Microsoft’s $599 Surface Go joins it.

Announced back in July, it’s a 10 inch take on Microsoft’s 12 inch Surface Pro, but instead of high-end Intel Core processing on the inside, it’s back to a more budget-focused Pentium chip.

Outside of the processor differences, there are quite a few similarities to its more expensive sibling, complete with support for the Surface Pen and its 4096 levels of pressure, as well as a kickstand with up to 165 degrees of flex in the hinge.

It also supports one of Microsoft’s Type Cover keyboards, though it’s a 10 inch version, and it won’t be coming with the Surface Go. Rather, it will cost an extra $199.95 on top of the tablet, like the Surface Pen which adds $139.95 to the whole thing.

But you don’t need the keyboard or pen, and can use the Surface Go without. At 8.3mm thick, it’s one of Microsoft’s thinnest yet, and offers the Surface experience for a smaller price.

It’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not alone, however, and with a new iPad Pro expected in the next few weeks, rumoured to be launching alongside a new iPhone or three, it might be ideal to wait and see what’s coming.

However if you can’t wait, you’ll find the Surface Go in stores now, carrying a starting price of $599.95 for the version with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, while $839 nets you the 8GB RAM and 128GB storage-equipped variant.

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