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Foxtel gets 4K with a dedicated channel

Owning a 4K TV in Australia just got a little more interesting, as Foxtel launches a dedicated Ultra HD channel, offering sports, movies, and more.

It might seem strange, but while 4K TVs have been out in Australia for a few years, the content available is only just now catching up.

Streaming media services like Netflix and Stan were among the first, launching 4K variations of their services and providing something to watch, followed by 4K Blu-ray, and eventually even Apple TV got in there. Now there’s quite a bit of choice if you have a 4K Ultra HD TV.

But strangely, there’s been nothing for actual TV broadcasting. In fact, TV broadcasts in Australia are barely (if ever) in Full HD, so Foxtel’s announcement this week makes for an interesting concept: a dedicated 4K channel.

The new Foxtel iQ4 box.

Come October, Foxtel will launch channel 444, offering 4K content to subscribers with the Foxtel Platinum HD or Foxtel Sports HD subscriptions, and to people with the Foxtel iQ4 box.

That box will be a requirement to gain access to the 4K signal being transmitted, offering a selection of sports, documentaries, and movies in 4K in a regular channel, expanding selection over time.

Sports will be a big push, too, and November 4th’s Australia vs. South Africa cricket match will be broadcast in 4K, likely with more to come.

“Innovation is in Foxtel’s DNA and we have continuously redefined entertainment for Australia putting us at the centre of connecting subscribers with the sports and the shows they love,” said Patrick Delany, CEO of Foxtel.

“Today’s news is just the first step into a 4K future,” he said, adding “this incredible experience will continue to expand as we bring even more sport and entertainment programming to life in guaranteed 4K, making the most of today’s ultra-modern 4K TVs”.

Foxtel’s 4K transmission will, of course, need a Foxtel subscription and the Foxtel iQ4 box, but it will also need a 4K Ultra HD TV to make the most. Without one, the stream should render back to a high definition stream, however, making it possible to watch without a new TV.

Expect the service and the packages to roll out in October, so until then, you’ll be sticking to the other 4K services to get your Ultra HD fix.

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