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Dyson’s V10 made small for the little ones

Dyson’s appliances might be regarded as toys for big kids, but for the holiday season, it will indulge the little kids in your life, too.

Things like cleaning are rarely fun, though some of the cool developments in these spaces can help make these a little better. A big vacuum cleaner with immense power can help you get the job done at the same time it makes you feel like you’re using the latest in technology, which you kind of are, and it might be the sort of thing your kids will look to replicate.

However due to the cost of these large appliances, you might not probably go out of your way to get the little ones a Dyson of their own, and the older models will probably trickle down to other family members or friends, or even get sold.

This year for the holiday season, though, Dyson is actually offering parents something to make kids feel connected while their parents are doing the cleaning: a version of the Dyson stick vac for kids. Kinda.

Testing the Dyson toy replica with our child (who is a good two years under the recommended age suggestion, but still enjoyed it all the same) showed a little bit of Dyson’s cyclone action, but none of the real cleaning technology, which is great: your kids won’t be put to work, and will just be imitating mum and dad. Easy.

It technically does suck, but most of the suction is there for the effect of swirling around lots of little bits of colourful foam in a similar capacity to the bubble look of a Fisher Price Corn Popper. The effect isn’t the same, but it will get your kids watching the swirling colours and gripping their own Dyson as if they can do what mum and dad are doing as well.

Finding one of these toys is usually a matter of hitting up your local toy or department shop and looking for one, but Dyson will be giving the toy to people who buy the V10 Absolute+ cord-free vacuum ahead of the holiday season, with the promotion running until Christmas Eve.

As such, you’ll find the toy in select stores as well as the Dyson website for a little over a month, providing a bonus for the kids alongside the big kid’s purchase of a $999 vacuum.

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