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Dell’s 2018 XPS gains Gore fabric to keep you cool

The random things you learn at CES include this gem: Dell’s latest XPS range is using a fabric that won’t melt your skin. It’s even the same fabric used on Mars.

Fast laptops are great, but fast tends to come with another problem: heat. When chips run fast, they also usually run quite warm, and that can result in toasty legs and laps.

When used with materials like metal, this makes things even worse, and if your machine happens to be encased in aluminium, you may end up in the middle of summer with the feeling that your computer is trying to burn your legs off when all you really wanted to do was type something down.

In winter, sure, burn it up and turn the computer into a heating station, but at other times throughout the year, this can be a serious problem, especially with premium computers.

Dell’s XPS 13 has Gore fabric insulation inside.

Dell has been looking into this, and has come up with a slight solution: use the insulation material used in sporting fabrics to disperse the heat better.

And for that, it’s turned to Gore fabric, implementing the material in its new XPS laptops to spread the heat, which is also the same heat material used by the NASA Mars Rover.

That’s a pretty neat factoid, and one that we hope will not only help the laptops handle heat better, but also allow the processors to be pushed to their full potential.

The melted crayon on the right isn’t protected by Gore fabric. The lesson here is to wrap all crayons in Gore (it’s not).

Leigh :) Stark travelled to CES in Las Vegas as a guest of Dell.

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