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CSIRO's development of a hydrogen fuel source

Australia’s CSIRO drives a hydrogen car future

Electric cars may be a big environmental focus, but it’s not the only technology. In fact one might be pushed on by Australian research.

The future of cars may seem like a vehicle you plug into the wall, but it’s not the only way forward.

Another technology is in development that could end up driving you from point A to point B, and it’s one you may not expect. While electricity has been seen as the modern fuel for cars, and solar has long been talked about, the next miles might be driven by hydrogen.

That’s an area Australia’s leading group of scientists at the CSIRO have been working with, developing a hydrogen source that is easier to transport and store, potentially making hydrogen a viable commercial prospect that can be brought to cars in the next few years.

Interestingly, the CSIRO’s development makes it possible for the creation of the hydrogen fuel cell to be connected with distribution and subsequent delivery, cutting back on transportation costs and potentially turning the refuelling station into the place that also makes the fuel for the car in the first place.

“This is a watershed moment for energy, and we look forward to applying CSIRO innovation to enable this exciting renewably-sourced fuel and energy storage medium a smoother path to market,” said Dr. Larry Marshall, Chief Executive with the CSIRO.

“I’m delighted to see strong collaboration and the application of CSIRO know-how to what is a key part of the overall energy mix,” he said.

CSIRO's development of a hydrogen fuel source
Credit: CSIRO

As it stands, two vehicles have been made to work with the new hydrogen fuel cell, with a Toyota Mirai and Hyundai Nexo the only vehicles sporting the technology.

You can’t buy these specially developed vehicles, though, and these are merely for testing an demonstrations. However, the CSIRO has said that after this demonstration, the technology would see increased use and tested with larger demonstrations, both locally and overseas.

That means you could see hydrogen-based vehicles in the near future, possibly in the next decade, driving home to your garage.

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