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Amaysim aims to tempt with $60 for 60GB

Data is now the must have for every mobile owner, and that means good plans are all about it. And Amaysim’s latest definitely delivers the data.

It’s already hard enough picking a phone from all the choices, but finding the right mobile plan can also be awkward.

One thing to make sure you land with the right service, though, is to check how much data you’re getting, and to see if the amount you’re paying for can serve you well.

While telcos still offer measily 3GB plans for people who don’t think they’ll use a lot of data (and inevitably do and unfortunately get charged heavily for it), most telcos tend to get in with decent amounts: 10GB, 15GB, 25GB, 30GB, and so on and so on.

Even if you don’t use the full amount, ensuring you have plenty of data to burn through means you have less chance of having to pay exorbitant excess data costs that can easily rack up, something some telcos have tried to get around by providing “unlimited” plans that have massive finger quotes around them simply because they’re unlimited, but with a speed drop catch.

But larger data quantities without the caveat of losing mobile speeds to because it’s an unlimited amount of data is almost always preferable, and so when we hear of a new plan that does that, our ears perk up.

And this week, there’s one of those, as Amaysim adds a plan rocking a staging 60GB every 28 days for 60 bucks, complete with unlimited talk and text included.

Those unlimited phone calls will extend to unlimited international calls to ten countries, including the US, UK, New Zealand, China, Japan, and India, much like how it does on Amaysim’s other plans from $30 per month.

However that “month” is 28 days, which means you’ll technically pay for a 13th month at the end of a year, though at least you won’t be locked into a contract at all, a practice engaged by quite a few telcos and operators out there, including Amaysim.

“At a price point of only $1 per gig and our commitment to no lock-in contracts, amaysim is now making mobile data usage more affordable and hassle-free on a plan that’s here to stay,” said Peter O’Connell, CEO of Amaysim.

Amaysim’s plans go live this week, working on unlocked phones, even if Amaysim has ceased selling the phones for its service.

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