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Sony’s XA1 gains “Ultra” status on Vodafone

Interested in an edge-to-edge screen buy prefer them big and without curves? Sony’s ultra-sized XA1 could suit.

This week, Sony added another smartphone to the list for 2017, as its practically edgeless XA1 gained a bigger brother in the form of the XA1 Ultra, a large equivalent of what is practically the same.

Announced for release only a few weeks ago, Sony’s XA1 is a play for the mid-range, taking a decent set of specs and marrying with Sony’s high-end camera from last year’s Xperia XZ, while making the screen something special too and killing the edges on the side.

There were a couple of catches, because as nice as this phone sounds, you’ll find there’s no water resistance or fingerprint, all in a device sitting at 5 inches, things Sony tends to specifically throw into devices that sit at 5 inches.

Despite that, the $399 outright price could make it otherwise appealing, and we can see why: edge-less screens tend to sit on premium phones, not mid-range models, and so while it lacks some premium features, the screen and camera could win people over.

Except those perhaps looking for big screens, as phablets still hold a place in the market, and low price phablets doubly so.

Fortunately, Sony has this week brought the XA1 Ultra to Vodafone, a mobile that increases the screen size to 6 inches, the resolution to Full HD, and brings in the same camera to a bigger body with a little more battery life.

“As the exclusive carrier partner for Xperia XA1 Ultra, we’re excited to offer the latest device from Sony Mobile, giving our customers a brilliant camera and a big screen at a great price,” said Ben McIntosh, Director of the Consumer Business Unit at Vodafone Australia.

Make no mistake, Sony’s XA1 Ultra is very similar to its XA1 sibling, with the main differences being a bigger screen and a bit more battery, though those features could be what sell them.

We’re still of the opinion a fingerprint sensor should be an inclusion at this price point, as players like Motorola and Oppo manage to get them in, but each company has their strategy, and if the Sony style grabs you, you’ll find the XA1 Ultra on plans from Vodafone.

Sony’s XA1 Ultra has been added to the Pickr Trackr for your comparative needs.

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