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Samsung’s next chips are a little faster, more power friendly

Curious about what the next Samsung phone might have to offer? There’s good news if you like performance and a better battery.

Every year, Samsung seemingly offers up a preview of what its next smartphones will perform like provided you look hard enough.

And we mean it: you have to look beyond the standard press information, beyond the rumours, and beyond the obviousness that a new phone is just around the corner and that it will obviously be better, faster, and stronger, the interpretation of the Bionic Man made for your own life.

This week, that preview has arrived, but you’ve had to go looking over at Samsung’s semiconductor page, where the maker of the Galaxy smartphones has talked up a new generation in processor technology, as its 10 nanometre hardware hits version 2.0 with a few benefits.

For starters, the hardware is designed to be more efficient with regards to power, as the company works to bring up to 15 percent lower power consumption compared with its previous technology, including the chips featured on the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 smartphones. The company always speaks of improvements of up to 10 percent higher performance, with this new processor technology expected in “devices scheduled to launch early next year”.

If that doesn’t sound like a new smartphone from Samsung, we’re not sure what does.

In fact, the timing couldn’t be more fitting, with rumours suggesting we’d see the new Galaxy S9 smartphone announced at CES in Las Vegas in January, expected for release a few months later, giving Samsung something to play with not only ahead of Mobile World Congress in late-February, but also so soon after Apple’s iPhone X release, no doubt making your decision a little more difficult.

That means if you’re considering an S8 smartphone, you may want to wait just a little longer, because there’s a good chance the phone will drop in price sometime in January. Just a little public service announcement, and one we’ll be sure to keep you updated on.

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