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Oppo’s R9s gets bigger, better for not much more

Was the 5.5 inch R9s not quite big enough? No worries, because Oppo has a bigger model on the way, with a full 6 inch screen. None of that half-inch stuff.

Big phones are all the rage, and the bigger you go, the more people tend to like them.

Take the iPhone 7 Plus for instance, offering a metal body and a 5.5 inch screen and the Huawei Mate 9 with its 5.9 inch display. These are big, but you can still go bigger.

Case in point, Oppo is doing just that, announcing this week that a 6 inch phone is on its way, arriving in the form of a new version of the R9s that it launched only recently.

Unsurprisingly, the new phone has a “plus” name, arriving as the R9s Plus, a phone that jumps a full half inch in screen size, and yet brings over much of what made the regular R9s great.

That includes two 16 megapixel cameras — one on each side — as well as a fingerprint scanner, WiFi, Bluetooth, and all of that fun stuff, while Oppo has also updated the processor.

You see there’s a bigger screen here, jumping from a 5.5 inch Full HD display to a 6 inch Full HD display, and to give that bigger screen a little more grunt, the company has upped its game.

Now the Snapdragon eight-core chip has a slightly different variant for a touch more speed, while the memory has been pushed up significantly, boasting a solid 6GB over the already impressive 4GB RAM.

Arriving alongside 64GB storage, that’s a spec level we can seriously get behind, boasting what is the closest to flagship options Oppo has sat at in ages, something you can see when you compare it to its predecessor.

“The R9s Plus builds on the strengths which already make the R9s such a solid performer, like its advanced optics and elegant design, and takes them to the next level,” said Michael Tran, Executive Director of Oppo Australia.

“Whether users are streaming the latest blockbusters on the go or capturing the memories that matter most to them, the R9s Plus has them covered with ease,” he said.

For us, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the R9s Plus is the price, with the change in features adding roughly $100 to the $598 cost of the R9s, making it one of the better value big phones out there, especially if it lives up to the excellent value its sibling brought to the table.

The Pickr R9s Plus is now available in the Pickr Trackr for your comparative needs.

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