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HTC to squeeze out another U in May

HTC hasn’t had the best of time with its U Ultra released earlier this year, but the company isn’t done, and from the sound of things, it’s about ready to squeeze a new phone out.

This week, the company that made Google’s excellent Pixel XL (and the regular Pixel, of course) handset has sent out an announcement giving a head’s up that a new HTC U is coming.

Demonstrated through a tiny five second video preview in a tweet, HTC has pre-announced what a product that appears to have a design you can squeeze to control the handset.


Interestingly, we’re not sure where this one will be placed in the line-up, especially seeing as a new flagship just launched for the brand in the HTC U Ultra some weeks ago.

While the reviews have been okay, the phone hasn’t exactly been lighting the smartphone world on fire, and with the Galaxy S8 released to tremendously positive reviews, it’s clear HTC may need another smartphone to make a difference in 2017.

It’s therefore highly likely that HTC’s next U will indeed bring something else to the table, and possibly replace the U Ultra as the flagship for 2017.

We just hope this doesn’t turn into a habit whereby HTC releases a new flagship every few months. There aren’t many ways to quickly anger customers spending on the next big thing to tell them that their shiny new purchase is no longer so shiny or new.

In any case, all will be revealed on the afternoon of May 16. Stay tuned.

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