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Amaysim’s NBN access goes free (for a month)

We all like free stuff, and when it has the potential to alleviate any concerns, free is even better. To that end, Amaysim is launching a freebie for folks curious about its NBN access.

Now that the National Broadband Network is in reach for more Australians, there’s a greater likelihood that you’re closer to being able to sign up for the better speeds on offer (both up and down) than what most of us will find on it.

While we’re not all super enthused by the technology choices getting us there, that’s not the major concern all Australians are having.

Far from it, because with NBN Co releasing information earlier in the year that less than half of the roughly five million homes and business that are “NBN ready” have, in fact, signed up, it suggests there’s a slight problem.

Simply put, if you have the ability to access the NBN but don’t, there’s probably a good reason, and that may be because of cost or complexity in the plans on offer.

It’s already bad enough that the promise of high speeds may not be quite as real as what’s being sold, something ISPs are already dealing with.

Still, plan complexity is a part of the dilemma, and it’s something we expect budget mobile operators like Kogan and Amaysim are keen to solve, with each already announcing their intentions to enter the broadband world and provide NBN access in the near future.

Amaysim is getting closer, it seems, and this week has bolstered its intentions with news that it will even be offering new customers a free month of access, even if the offer expires at the end of June.

“We pride ourselves on making things easier for our customers by offering amazing value nbn plans, no-lock in contracts and a brilliant online customer experience, but we get that some people may need to get hands-on with the service before they feel secure in making the move to the NBN,” said Rob Appel, Commercial Director of Broadband at Amaysim.

“All too often the major providers are scaring people into making long term commitments for a service they may not be familiar with,” he said. “To help break down the barriers that might be holding people back, we’ve taken a similar approach to subscription streaming services and launched this industry-first nbn free trial.”

So how does a one month trial for the NBN work? Well, it’s rather like what you might expect: you connect to Amaysim for the NBN, and choose the speed you’d like to connect to, forgoing the first month of payment, and trialling the provider at either 12, 25, or 100Mbps download speeds.

Once the month is over, you get charged. If you make it through the month and aren’t keen to stay, you go your separate way.

The catch is that not all NBN providers may want you going down this route, and not all NBN-delivering ISPs will let you go month-to-month if you decide to go back, so you’ll want to check with your current ISP and NBN provider to find out what your options are.

For those happy to trial Amaysim as something else, the “first month free” offer also comes with a limitation, because Amaysim will be pulling the plug on the promotion on June 30. If that doesn’t concern you, however, and you’re keen to try, you’ll find it redeemable with the code “1MFREE” on the Amaysim site.

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