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Amaysim boosts bandwidth with GB increases

If you’re an Amaysim customer, you’ve been given an early gift for the season, as the telco adds more downloads to its plans.

The battle for the best mobile plan is getting more fierce, and Amaysim is this week igniting things once more, lighting a fire under the respective backsides of much of the competition with fairly strong boosts across the board.

The updates arrive this week and provide some pretty significant upgrades to its $40 and $50 plans, with its range of unlimited talk and text plans now starting with a minimum of 1GB data every 28 days, extending to a maximum of 20GB monthly (28 days).

Amaysim’s updates are mainly for the $40 and $50 options, boosting the $40 plan from 10GB to 15GB and the $50 plan from 14GB to 20GB, all the while keeping the 300 minus of international to 22 countries, unlimited international to ten, and unlimited talk and text across the entire range.

“Once again, we offer best value mobile plans to meet the needs of more Aussies,” said Maik Retzlaff, Commercial Director of Mobile at Amaysim.

“With our mobile plans now ranging from 1GB to 20GB from $10 to $50, Amaysim delivers exceptional value to even more customers,” he said. “Amaysim subscribers are never locked into a specific plan and can change their plan based on their needs at any time online or through the app at no extra cost in less than a minute.”

The one thing missing from the new packages is support for overseas travel and the extension of that data when you’re travelling, something Vodafone has won customers over with, while few telcos have joined.

Amaysim, however, did tell Pickr that it was looking into something for this.

“We are constantly listening to our customers’ needs and monitor consumer behaviour and trends,” said Retzlaff.

“We know that Australians love to travel and a lot of Aussies have family or relatives overseas. That’s why we offer unlimited talk and text to 10 selected countries on most of our mobile plans,” he said.

“When it comes to roaming, we are investigating solutions that don’t lock customers in and won’t break the bank. So watch this space.”

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