Aussie embraces DIY with a 3D printed dog leg

When Millie the Greyhound needed a prosthetic leg, her owner tried something: modelling and printing one. And it worked. Your parents probably told you that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and we’re in an age where provided you try, that is actually possible. Seriously, the level of possibilities that exists thanks to improvements in

Netgear, D-Link connect 4G for your home, business

If you’ve ever been concerned about the internet going down, a backup solution is on the way, keeping you connected if ADSL2 ever wigs out. As much as we could have hoped that all Australians would have a always-on and always-connected fibre link to the internet, that hasn’t quite panned out. The NBN is still rolling out, bit by bit

Intel builds a self-learning computer chip

Trying to understand the human brain is one thing, but trying to make a computer act like one is something entirely different, and Intel is exploring that option. Have you ever wondered if computers could think like humans? If they could, what would the do, how would they learn, and how would it inspire the next stage of human growth?

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