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Pickr 2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Star Wars

Is the person you’re buying for a bit of a sci-fi fan? There may not be a Star Wars movie this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something themed for the occasion.

Cable Guys Star Wars game controller holder

Price: $40

A bit of a weird one to start this guide off, Cable Guys makes a few variations of its console controller holders, each with a Star Wars twist.

There’s one for Darth Vader, for a Stormtrooper, and for other characters in the Star Wars universe, handy if you know a gamer who loves their Star Wars.

Razer Atheris notebook mouse (Stormtrooper edition)

Price: $60 USD

What every Star Wars fan and gamer might want, Razer produces a few accessories with the white armoured look of a Stormtrooper.

There’s a keyboard, a pair of headphones, and a mouse pad, and there’s also a wireless notebook mouse in the Razer Atheris Stormtrooper Edition, if you can find it or bring it in from Razer in the US.

The Mandalorian: The Child Animatronic Edition

Price: $99

The only ongoing Star Wars drama playing right now, The Mandalorian sees a baby Yoda hit the small screen protected by someone who looks an awful lot like Boba Fett.

If you’re not a Star Wars fan, this won’t mean much to you, but if you know someone who is, this character is the subject of many awwws, and this little robotic toy, if you can find it, allows the Star Wars< fan that you know to have their own little Yoda of sorts.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 (Star Wars edition)

Price: $120

Garmin’s Vivofit Jr is a fitness tracker that’s often themed for kids, and that’s what the Star Wars edition Vivofit is.

Made to be durable and featuring a screen, it’ll include activities based around Star Wars to get them up and moving, and can sync with a parent’s mobile devices to make sure they know what the kids are doing activity-wise.

Sphero BB-8

Price: $250

Sphero discontinued the BB-8 robotic spherical droid a good two years ago, but you can still find the small Star Wars robot if you have a look around.

Based on a similar design to the robotic prop used in the recent films, Sphero’s BB-8 is a pint-sized take on the droid, and can be used like a remote control droid, to watch the movies with, and even to program with.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray (Limited Edition)

Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker

Price: $399

Streaming media might be the way most of us watch our movies, but 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays are where the quality is.

Now that the Skywalker Saga is over in Star Wars, Fox has brought all nine movies in the collection — from the three originals to the three that aren’t as good in the early 2000s to the three that finished it off recently — and packaged it in a special collectors set spanning 27 discs covering hours and hours of both the film and special features.

Sony PlayStation VR with Star Wars: Squadrons

Price: $399 (PSVR) + $39 (game)

One of the year’s games has been made to plunge you into the cockpit of space fighters in Star Wars, and while you can play it on a console, you can also immerse yourself more clearly using a VR headset.

Of course, you’ll need a VR headset to make it happen, but if you know someone with a PlayStation 4, you can grab one of the PlayStation VR Starter Packs and a copy of Star Wars: Squadrons, and jump into the cockpit of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter virtually.

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