At Pickr, we know our reviewers and know they they’re always working on new reviews to help customers like you find the best product available. As such, our review list presently includes the following publications:

Expert local (Australian) reviewers

One of the better places to go for specifically Android-related coverage, AusDroid is led by a team of independent reviewers with a love for devices running Google’s mobile operating system.

Long established as one of Australia’s biggest independent reviewers, Choice has recently restaffed its reviewing team, pulling talent from IDG’s PC World and Good Gear Guide with Elias Plastiras and Tony Ibrahim, among other places.

While the local reviews are few and far between, CNET Australia is too big not to be noticed, providing a local face to the massive tech publisher entity in the US.

The original stomping grounds of Pickr’s founder and editor, Cybershack has survived over the past decade as one of the leading independent review houses in Australia, and the only local tech site with its own TV show.

Led by technology commentator Trevor Long, EFTM or “Everything For The Man” is a technology and lifestyle website geared at technology for guys.

Spanning more than just technology and featuring some of Australia’s most established technology journalists, including the likes of Angus Kidman, Alex Kidman, and Nick Broughall, Finder offers reviews and plan comparison aplenty.

With a style of writing more like a column, Fairfax’s The Financial Review offers technological analysis led by John Davidson, who provides up-to-date critique usually with a degree of humour or two.

One of the more established Australian tech news giants, Gizmodo has seen some of the best local writers pass through its doors, and is now run under the editorial leadership of Rae Johnston.

IDG’s presence for Australia, Good Gear Guide and sister-site PC World has seen serious review talent go through each in the past few years, making it at points a concrete site for reviews and analysis, and is currently helmed by Fergus Halliday.

Offering local expert and analysis, ITWire has been one of the pivotal mainstays of the technology journalism world in Australia, with the review section featuring written critiques by the likes of Nick Ross and Alex Zaharov-Reutt.

One of the largest publications in Australia, features technology writers from all over the country, including lead writer Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson from the company’s Queensland bureau at The Courier Mail.

While Pickr indexes other sites, it also indexes its own, allowing you to see what its reviewers think, led by the editorial direction of Leigh D Stark.

The second largest news provider in Australia — second to — Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in Melbourne feature notable expert reviewers Adam Turner, Peter Wells, and Tim Biggs.

Nailing technological trends and business developments to the “t”, The Australian is a solid place to find a local viewpoint on anything involving electronics and a silicon board, with reviews by Chris Griffith.

Led by technology commentator Stephen Fenech, Tech Guide provides news and reviews by way of web, TV, radio, and podcast.

While WhistleOut caters to a wide variety of products and services, its analysis picked up when it grabbed Joseph Hanlon, formerly of CNet Australia, who added to the team’s reviewer experience several years ago.

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