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Stay Smart Online week

How do you spot malware or ransomware?

Everyone uses the internet, and everyone knows about viruses, but why is it that so many people are still getting fooled by the modern equivalent of internet viruses? We're exploring that in this question, as we ask a question few seem to know the answer to.

Are free WiFi networks safe?

It's always a good time to talk about security, and with a government initiative on smarter online practices this week, we're helping out asking the important questions, like whether free WiFi networks are safe.

What is social scamming?

Staying smart online is more important than ever, and for this week we draw attention to important issues, such as the burgeoning area of social scanning, discussing what it is and how to stay on guard.

What makes a good password?

With this week being "Stay Smart Online" week for the Australian government, it's a perfect time to get some questions answered, so let's start with one of the most basic questions, delving into what makes a good, strong password.