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What changes are going on at Pickr?

If you’re a regular reader, you might notice some changes to our design. We’re doing things, and you’re the reason why.

We’ve written about technology for a while, and Pickr turned seven this year. It’s been that long since this journalist left GadgetGuy and started playing more on his own, building his own presence with a detailed and transparent news, reviews, and tech analysis website.

Already in that time, we’ve been through a few design iterations, and now, we’re doing another.

Like all things in technology, websites need to change. They grow and shift, adapting to the styles of the devices and how we use them, responding to size.

So that’s what we’re doing with some changes to Pickr in the coming months: cleaning things up and responding to size and styles of devices.

You’ll see bigger and clearer text. We want our words to be easy to read on any screen, with an option for clear reading in either day or night, responding to what mode your phone is in in.

If you’re in dark mode on your phone or computer, the website will switch to a darker viewing mode to make that easier for you, but you can also force the switch yourself with a simple button press. You can choose a lighter look or a darker one, it’s your choice.

Folks on desktop can do it, too, and they’ll also get a handy table of contents that sticks with them as they move along in reviews and buyers guides.

And all readers will be able to keep reading past an article right into another, hopefully giving you something else to read!

They’re just some of the changes we’re working on, with more video on the way, too. We’re playing with things, including running a Mastodon account, now that Twitter/X has turned into the trash fire that its new owner seemingly wanted.

Feel free to reach out to us on Mastodon to let us know what you like, what you don’t, and if there are ways we can improve.

You may find the odd tweak or change that we’ll be working on over the coming weeks — if it’s missing, know we’re fixing bits and pieces to make it better! — but we’re always happy to hear if we’ve missed something, and if we can make this site better for you. Let us know!

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