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New Year's sparklers

Happy New Year 2020 from the Pickr team

Whether you’re waking up after a night on the town, a friendly gathering with family or still dancing the night away and checking a tech site, Pickr wants to wish you a Happy New Year.

It’s 8am and the first day of 2020, a year that feels very much like it should be the future. While there aren’t any flying cars or holographic billboards, that could change in the coming weeks.

It is now 2020, and the year past is literally just that: the past. Time to get on with new year’s resolutions and get stuck into the new year altogether.

For many, today will be a day of relaxation as they gear up for the new year, while others will choose to get stuck in ASAP.

Whatever you choose, be sure to have a great day to start the year off right. We’ll be back momentarily with the latest in tech and what trends you can expect 2020 to be all about. In a few days, we’ll even be reporting from CES in Las Vegas to find out what many are first hand.

For now, though, we’re wishing everyone a Happy New Year from the Pickr team.

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