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The Wrap at The Lizzies

“The Wrap” wins at Australian technology journalism awards

Pickr’s five minute podcast billed as “Australia’s fastest technology roundup” snagged its first win, taking out an award at The Lizzies, Australia’s awards for technology journalism.

There’s a chuffed host and producer here at Pickr this week, because last night, he picked up an award for “The Wrap” the five minute weekly show we do covering technology in the fastest time possible.

It was the night of The Lizzies, the annual IT Journalism Awards for Australia, and while Pickr and The Wrap were both nominated for Best Independent Media, The Wrap clinched the win.

On behalf of The Wrap team — which is mostly this writer — I want to thank my wife and daughter for making me always do the best I can, the judges, the team at MediaConnect who plan and run the awards night, and some of the fine talent we’ve had on the show, including (and in no particular order) Alex Choros, Alex Kidman, Geoff Quattromani, Adam Turner, Fergus Halliday, Patrick Gray, and Stilgherrian. If there’s any we’ve missed, apologies.

Also, we’d like to thank Southern Cross Austereo which hosts The Wrap on Podcast One, and the listener. Thank you for listening.

If you’re just joining us and wish to try out The Wrap, you might want to hear how the weekly Wrap normally runs with this week’s episode, learn about password security, or check out the best phones from last year. We’ve covered all of it in five minutes, and we’ll continue to do so every week.

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