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Zip transforms the humble tap with tech

Can plumbing be tech savvy? The answer appears to be yes, as Zip Water turns to technology to get five types of water from one tap.

It’s rare that we see water and technology meet, though we’re seeing more of that lately. Between the number of water resistant gadgets and a battery based on water, the humble H2O is beginning to connect with technology in more ways than just the expected short circuit and stoppage of working.

The tap appears to be the next place to see a tech influence, as the kitchen faucet connects with electronics to enable several types of drinking water from the one place.

Called the Zip HydroTap Celsius Plus All-in-One, it’s a tap that can bring together five water types from the one place, providing convenience by changing the water to being just simple hot and cold water (two types) to also covering boiled water, chilled water, and sparkling water.

While the first two types are primarily for washing up, the inclusion of boiled water means tea is available without the kettle, while chilled and sparkling water are there for drinks.

To make this happen, Zip is using a combination of parts under the sink in what it calls the HydroTap command centre, a block of technology that covers electronics, water filtration, an aluminium condenser for chilling, a boiling system, and a CO2 cylinder for the sparkling water.

Making the tap a little more tech savvy is a touchpad on the tap itself, allowing you to change the type of water quickly and easily, with antimicrobial protection on the touchpad for hygiene, too.

That’s the first touchpad we’ve heard of being made for hygiene purposes, but then again, this isn’t a regular touchpad.

And it comes on a tap that is clearly no regular simple tap, with the Zip Celsius Plus All-in-One tap starting from $8295 in Australia, compared with the basic two or three hundred dollar kitchen tap pricing you might find at your local hardware store.

Zip’s tech-savvy five-water tap may not be found there, though, available from specialised retailers across Australia now.

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