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Ultimate Ears readies a big, floating speaker in UE Everboom

One of the longest running speaker ranges is getting a model made for the pool properly, as an updated Boom is floated as the Everboom. Almost literally.

You can tell sound companies are getting ready for summer. It doesn’t matter that summer is a few months off for Australia, because it’s probably summer somewhere else, like in America.

Summer is the time when you can expect to sit by the pool taking in some tunes, or at least yearn to do that. Hot weather and cool water often mean relaxation, and that means for many playing music out loud with a gadget that can help you do just that.

It’s partially why we’re seeing so many speakers pop up for release, such as Bose’s recent Soundlink Max, as well as the recent reinvention of the Beats Pill, and they’re not the only ones.

Logitech-owned Ultimate Ears also has a speaker on the way, updating its long-running Boom range of speakers with something that could actually float as it plays tunes.

The new model is called the “Everboom”, and it’s essentially one of UE’s most durable units yet. Sporting an IP67 rating, the Everboom is dust-proof, water-proof, and even floatable, able to float on water and deliver sound. That’s something the compact Wonderboom offered in part, but this speaker is a little bigger again.

A larger speaker, the Everboom uses the same 360 degree sound approach that’s been on the Boom since they first appeared, by makes it ready for the outdoors, complete with an “Outdoor Boost” button to amplify the speaker that little bit more.

Ultimate Ears suggests it should handle up to 20 hours of playback and support up to 55 metres of Bluetooth range, working with Android and iOS, and arriving with a USB-C charge port.

It also comes alongside an update to the UE Boom app, which now supports a “Megaphone” feature to let you speak through the speaker via your phone, essentially allowing you to talk through the speaker somewhere else. Like calling your kids to dinner.

Priced at $349.95, Australians can expect to find the speaker in stores soon, with preorders kicking off this week.

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