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TCL brings a big 115 inch TV to Australia this year

Measuring almost three metres, TCL’s X955 may be one of the biggest TVs launched at CES, and it’ll arrive in Australia and New Zealand later this year.

How big of a TV does your home need? If the answer is only currently measurable with a projector, you may be interested in what TCL has been cooking up, which has also been announced at CES this year.

With a diagonal measurement of 115 inches, the TCL X955 is one of the biggest TVs around, and given its inclusion of Mini-LED backlighting and support for the colour honing crystals that are quantum dots, TCL calls it the world’s largest 115 inch QD-Mini LED TV, boasting 20,000 local dimming tones and plenty of brightness, too.

Similar to other CES launched TVs, there’s also a new processor in the inside that leverages AI for image analysis and processing, something TCL calls the Apiq Ultra, which will deliver the visuals on that massive 115 inch size.

It’s a big screen and the first in a range of new displays, which appear to cover other sizes, as well, but understandably, TCL is focusing on that big one, without mentioning the price.

Like most things at CES, there is no price for Australia or New Zealand, even if availability is targeted for both locations with that new screen.

Other TCL gadgets launched at CES include an air conditioner that can work with the smart home Matter protocol, as well as an air conditioner able to bring in air from the outside while expelling lower quality air from the inside.

Meanwhile, the company is also taking up appliances and whitewoods, including fridges that can keep food fresher for longer, as well as a combo washer and dryer, something we’re seeing less of lately.

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