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Snapchat offers free scoops to snap on M8 Day

Need a reason to get out of the house in the middle of a Wednesday? Snapchat has you sorted provided you like treats.

We’re always keen for something free, particularly in the middle of the week when you need a bit of a pick me up more than ever, and something free appears to be on the horizon.

While it’s not quite a free lunch — and let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as a free lunch — social media app Snapchat has something free that normally comes after lunch, and it’s heading coast to coast across most of Australia, no less: free gelato.

It’s coming courtesy of a collaboration between Snapchat and Messina Gelato across the country for Mates Day, a day celebrated on May 8 because… May-8… get it?

The idea is to walk into your local Messina Gelato and order a scoop of “Oh! Snap”, a flavour mate with Snapchat that epitomises Australian desserts by translating the classic vanilla slice as gelato. It’s a combination of vanilla custard gelato, passion fruit puree, and caramelised puff pasty pieces blended throughout, with the flavour only available on May 8.

Snapchat says you’ll need to show the Snapchat app on your phone in order to get the freebie, so this deal clearly doesn’t apply to delivery orders.

There will also be a new Snapchat filter for the day, with the idea being to snap your experience if you want to. It’ll join the regular list of features and augmented reality experiences Snapchat is known for, though you could also just turn up for the free ice cream, too, flashing the app, taking a scoop, and getting on with your day.

Most of Australia gets this one-day treat, too, though Snapchat noted it’s not available the Northern Territory or Tasmania, which may be explained by the fact that Messina doesn’t have stores in either of those two states. Elsewhere in Australia, it’s a bit of a nice interrupt for a regular weekday, with ice cream to spare thanks to an app celebration of sorts.

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