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Samsung, Google line-up for new phones in July, August

A couple of new Galaxy and Pixel handsets are on the way, and slightly earlier than expected, as two of the biggest phone makers reveal events in the days to come.

More choice to pick from appears to be on the way for phones, as the year barely crosses the middle mark. It’s July next week, and shortly after July kicks off, Samsung will be showing what it has in store for the rest of the year for phones.

July 10 in the US (and July 11 in Australia) is when we can expect to see what Samsung has been working on with its new foldable and flipping phones, a little earlier than the typical August announcement period. We might also see what the new Galaxy wearables will look like, including the previously announced Galaxy Ring.

Samsung’s image look certainly drops a hint or two, namely the foldable and flippable phone design with that clear hinge, plus the AI image icon we saw used back when we reviewed the Galaxy S24 Ultra. In short, think foldable phones with AI onboard, which is also largely expected.

Meanwhile, Google also announced an event this week, with new Pixel models clearly on the way, though they are also earlier than expected.

While October is the normal month for Google to talk up what’s new in Pixels each year, it seems as though Google is getting the jump on things with an August announcement, pre-empting the typical September release for a new slate of iPhones, likely alongside the release of iOS 18.

August 14 in Australia (or August 13 in the US) is when we can expect to hear what’s new in the world of Pixel phones, with Google dropping a little hint with a small video teaser.

The teaser (below) suggests we’ll see some of the design changes in last year’s Pixel 8 Pro, but possibly with more purple, and likely a lot more AI, given how much emphasis Google has placed on the category already.

As with any announcement news, this is very much a “watch this space” kind of deal, so you know what to do.

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