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Logitech readies a less expensive iPad Air, Pro keyboard case

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the new iPad models starts from $499, while Logitech’s latest is available for over $150 less.

When it comes to buying technology, saving money is often a good thing, and a maxim that can be regularly applied to tech in general. Of course, true of many things, but technology seems to command high prices at the best of times, particularly when it comes to accessories.

Take the new iPad Pro: being a new device, it has equally new accessories, some of which command hefty prices.

The latest take on Apple’s Magic Keyboard cover starts at $499 on top of the $1699 starting price, making it a little over $2K to nab the new tablet with a keyboard and trackpad.

Logitech could have a way to save some coin in its own take on the keyboard case, coming in the Logitech Combo Touch.

The case comes in two versions, one for the new iPad Air and the other for the iPad Pro, wrapping around each and providing a backlit keyboard and trackpad that can be easily snapped off when you don’t need it, turning the iPad into a tablet with a casing to protect its edges.

At the back is a small kickstand, while the Combo Touch itself uses the Apple Smart Connector on the iPad models, allowing them to skip Bluetooth and use the keyboard and mouse as if they were hard wired (which using the Smart Connector, they technically are).

“Our commitment to enhancing the user experience has led us to develop a highly portable Combo Touch, designed to seamlessly blend premium quality with uncompromised functionality,” said Joseph Mingori, General Manager of Mobile Solutions at Logitech.

The pricing might be the clincher for many, with the Logitech Combo Touch offering versions for the iPad Air from $319.95 for the 11 inch and $369.95 for the 13 inch, while the 2024 iPad Pro models will cost $369.95 for the 11 inch and $419.95 for the 13 inch Combo Touch in Australia. All variations are heading to store shelves and online shops across the country.

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