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D-Link’s Aquila mesh goes solo for standalone or upgrading

Mesh networking may well be for making house-wide WiFi in a big space, but it doesn’t have to be, as D-Link’s latest gadget points out.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s WiFi, mesh networking has been a solid concept to consider simply because of what it does. Delivering a practical example of a Venn diagram of network access, mesh networking essentially allows you to set up router points around your home that can create a net of network access between them, basically always providing access.

It’s a handy solution for large homes, and makes for an easy upgrade path when you need more stable network access around the home.

But it’s not needed for everyone, and a single mesh device could be a solid starting point. That’s something mesh solutions don’t always cater for, with mesh packs typically being two or three units, as opposed to one device to start with.

D-Link’s Aquila release from earlier in the year is doing that, however, releasing a single Aquila Pro M30 device to cover up to 265 square metres, compared to the 465 square metres of the two pack and up to 650 square metres for the three pack. It’s a different package as a single device, but still features the same tech, leveraging 802.11ax WiFi 6 and including four Gigabit ports, as well as some network optimisation technology, too.

Released as a single device, the D-Link Aquila Pro can essentially see mesh networks upgraded piece by piece, starting with a single $280 unit, while the two- and three-unit packs cost $399.95 and $549.95 respectively.

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