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Belong brings free internet to families in need

Access to the internet is needed for so much in life, it may as well be a right, yet it’s still not free. And that’s where at least one NBN provider is helping out.

The internet may well be a regular utility and activity for so many of us, but it can be a luxury we take for granted. While it can be found at home and on phones aplenty, the regular everyday requirement that is net access needed for so much isn’t within reach for every home and family.

Like all things, access to the internet at home costs money, adding to all of the costs you need to account for when buying computers for your kids in the school year.

It’s there for research and submission of work, but it can also get expensive, so the government has been working on an initiative designed to help connect families who need access and don’t have it.

Called the School Student Broadband Initiative, it sees schools, educational authorities, and charities identify families eligible for the program, with the result being free NBN access of 50Mbps for those who need it. The access will be free for roughly two years, with free internet provided until December 31, 2025, a which point it will revert to a paid plan.

There are 30,000 places on the program, and Belong internet has reportedly provided over 1000 spots already, connecting families in need to kick off the year.

“Belong has already seen over 1,000 families successfully sign up for the program and we’re excited to be helping more families gain access to the SSBI, especially as we look forward to the start of a new school year,” said Peita Golden, Chief Marketing Officer at Belong.

The initiative isn’t limited to the families who have received the program already, and may include families who have a child enrolled in an Australian school without an active broadband service at present, as well as other eligibility requirements. Families interested as to whether they qualify may want to check the SSBI National Referral Centre.

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