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Acer readies all-in-one AI PCs for those who live at the desk

The world of AI PCs is opening up, as Acer throws its hand in for what we can expect at the desk, with a few screens for PCs without AI.

This year of computing stories may have largely been about the AI PC, but whenever we get a story about one, there’s a pretty solid chance it’s for a machine made to be portable. Laptops and tablets and AI phones, oh my!

But not everyone relies on a laptop. Some folks prefer a desktop, and if you’re one of those individuals, you might be a little disheartened to hear almost every AI PC story references a laptop.

Not all, however, with Acer chiming in with some all-in-one desktops look set to grace Australia with Intel Core Ultra AI chips.

The Acer Aspire C all-in-one PCs will come in 23.8- and 27-inch versions, offering the latest Core Ultra chips, Full HD screens, support for WiFi 7, and some AI features including Windows Copilot and a voice-clearing technology called Acer PurifiedVoice, likely alongside similar features to what we saw in the Acer Swift Go 14 recently.

The new machines will get up to 32GB RAM and up to 2TB SSD, arriving in a machine that will be tiltable, so you should be able to position that big screen where you want it.

In terms of price, Acer’s 27-inch Aspire C27 is earmarked for June from $2299, but the 23.8 inch Aspire C24 doesn’t have a local price just yet, even if it does appear to be on the cards for Australia. Expect it to be slightly less, however, given it sports similar specs in a smaller design.

Acer’s AI all-in-one is only part of what the company is talking up this week, with new business-ready Travelmate laptops with Intel onboard, as well as some screens, too. And while the Aspire C-series is all about a screen with a PC inside, the Predator X-series and Acer DA1 and GA1 screens will do without the computer, but still get some smarts.

Acer DA1 screen

In the Acer DA1 and GA2, the screens will see up to a 4K resolution, support for gaming graphics technologies AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync, plus Google TV built-in. That makes these screens “smart screens,” and means you’ll be able to use them as a TV of sorts with apps, or even cast your phone or computer to these displays, giving them that little bit of extra use.

Meanwhile, Acer’s Predator X-series monitors will support OLED in the 26.5 inch X27U F3, 31.5 inch X32 X3, and 34 inch X34 X5, while also offering speedy refresh rates of 480Hz in the first model and 240Hz in the latter two.

There’s no Google TV support in an any of these Acer Predator gaming screens, but they do appear to come with a built-in PC switch (KVM) so you can jump computers quickly.

Locally, the Predator screens look set to start at $1999 when they launch near the end of this year, while the Acer smart screens have no Australian pricing or availability just yet.

Acer’s Travelmate P4 laptop.
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