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Seagate lights up a special SSD lightsaber

Seagate’s latest special edition gadget can only be seen if you have a window to a desktop PC, or if you keep the door off.

Star Wars fans may have something else to look forward to this week, and it’s not just a trailer for the upcoming “Ahsoka” TV show on Disney+, nor the bunch of new movies and shows on the way for the franchise, as well.

Rather, it’s a gadget, though one made for people who still had a dedicated computer in their lives that they don’t mind showing off.

Seagate has been collaborating with Star Wars for special editions of its external drives in the past, and with its latest effort, its going for an inside drive, updating the look of an internal solid-state drive that can make the innards of a PC really stand out.

Inspired by the original Star War films, Seagate’s special edition FireCuda NVMe solid-state drive features RGB lighting on the inside, with swappable heatsink faceplates that show the lightsaber hilt and name of the character they belong to, such as Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Dath Vader.

While the heatsink faceplate has been designed in a way that shows the light of the sabre through it, the RGB LED inside can also have its colour changed, allowing you to go from the blue of the light side to the red of the dark side.

Folks familiar with overclocking and building custom PCs won’t likely need any introduction to this, and if they want to exert some control over the lightsaber colour with its LED, they’ll also need a 5V adjustable header on the motherboard, as well.

Beyond the aesthetics, the drives Seagate Lightsaber drives will come in both 1TB and 2TB, retailing for $299 and $449 respectively, but will need a PCI-E port on a motherboard with support for NVMe. If you don’t know what that jargon means, you’ll likely need a desktop PC of some kind, as this sort of gear won’t fit in a laptop.

If that doesn’t dissuade you and you have the gear to make it work, Seagate’s Lightsaber FireCuda drives are available now from computer retailers across the country.

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