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Logitech’s latest Brio cuts the size, cost for an updated webcam

If an updated video call experience for WFH was on the cards for this year, Logitech has a new webcam that won’t break the bank.

Almost three years on from the digital world kicking into a largely work-from-home world, we’re not really ready to go back, even if face-to-face interactions can have their benefits: namely, you don’t have to deal with the low quality web cameras that punctuate every video call.

It’s a thing we’ve all dealt with, and while a new computer is a solution, not every workplace is going to do that. It’s a similar situation if you’ve handed your kids an old laptop and they need to have a video chat outside of their phone.

Fortunately, there are webcam upgrades, and there’s one of those on the way from Logitech. While its Brio 500 impressed us last year when we reviewed it, the camera wasn’t exactly on the inexpensive side, fetching closer to the $200 mark.

This year’s solution is the Brio 300, a webcam sporting a Full HD resolution and noise reduction microphone, but a price closer to the $100 mark, or just a little over it.

The Brio 300 will come with a little screen holding clip to fit on monitors primarily, though we suspect you’ll be able to leave it on a thin laptop if you wanted to, angling it appropriately.

It’s also a Type C camera, so it should handle new computers, and it comes with a privacy shutter to prevent people from checking in on you when you don’t want them to, arriving in an unusual cone shape that makes the camera stand out slightly.

The $129.95 price point may well be the most interesting part, though, providing a webcam update that won’t necessarily break the bank when it launches in Australia this month.

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