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Cubo AI checks baby temperatures with its latest addition

Keeping tabs on your kids when they’re sick isn’t easy, but a new gadget aims to make temperature checking as easy as viewing an app.

When your kids are sick, the stress can be hard to deal with, and beyond caring for them and monitoring symptoms and signs, there’s not always a whole lot more you can do.

Medicine, sleep, and the occasional doctor’s visit is going to be a help, but often you’re just waiting, and checking their temperature when they’re awake and happy to let you do so.

Checking a temperature isn’t always easy, but if it’s one of those things you need to keep an eye on, a new gadget from a baby camera maker might just grab your attention, simply because it promises to let you keep an eye on temperatures without bothering your kids.

It’s the latest gadget from baby smart camera maker Cubo AI, which has an app-connected stick on thermometer in the Smart Temp.

The addition sticks to a child’s skin under their arm via medical tape and collects data, continuously monitoring temperature and sending that to the Cubo AI app, just like how the camera works, and even the company’s sleep monitoring gadget made to go under a mattress.

We’re told the Smart Temp will monitor for the optimal sleeping temperature range of between 20º and 22.2º Celsius, sending that data to the Cubo AI baby monitor using Bluetooth LE. And yes, that means you’ll probably need the Cubo baby camera if you want to use the Smart Temp skin thermometer.

Unsurprisingly, both will be sold together in a pack that arrives with the Sleep Pad for $829 in Australia, while current Cubo owners can nab the Smart Temp skin thermometer for $129 separately.

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