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Zagg rolls out more screen protector making to more Aussie stores

If you’ve ever skipped out on installing a screen protector on a phone because you can’t find one, an addition to retail in Australia could protect your next phone purchase, or even something else.

A few years ago, the makers of the Invisible Shield screen protector showed us something we’d not seen before: a printer that could cut out and make a screen protector for practically any device. With that one concept, Zagg had found a way to offer screen protection for practically any device, something that can’t always be easily found.

If you have an iPhone or a Samsung mobile, you can probably find screen protectors just as easily as you can find cases, because those are popular devices, and popular devices can find protection more easily than others.

But that’s not the case with every phone, tablet, or wearable. While it’s possible to scour the web, Amazon, or eBay and find a screen protector, you may not find it in a store where you buy a gadget. You mightn’t even find a screen protector for everything.

That doesn’t mean it’s not possible to protect the screen of every device, and is why Zagg has been working with local retailers to roll out more of its screen protector cutting devices, its ProCut M4 printer, which is basically an “Invisible Shield on Demand” screen protector maker for lots of gadgets, be it a phone, tablet, wearable, and even cameras. It could even deal with potential supply chain issues, allowing you to get screen protection even if the store has run out of packaged protectors.

In Australia, around 340 stores will be fitted with Zagg’s screen protector makers, available at Optus, Vodafone, Happytel, and Harvey Norman stores, though the machines will only make them, and won’t install them for you. That may end up being something you still have to do, though it’s possible the store attendant will be able to help you do just that.

Alternatively, if you end up doing it, you may want to follow the tips from the pros to install screen protectors without bubbles and dust specs.

As to whether you device will be supported, Zagg notes that over 30,000 devices are supported by its ProCut M4 screen protector maker, so there’s a good chance that like the Magic 8 Ball, “signs point to yes”.

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