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Will Samsung’s 2022 Smart TV interface come to older TVs?

With the launch of Samsung’s new TVs comes a new Smart TV interface. But if you own one of the older models, will you see it, too?

A change is often good in technology, especially if it means a slick new look with extra features, but sometimes the changes that come to new devices end up missing out on the older devices.

That’s certainly the case with some phones, with models often missing big updates a few years after being replaced, and the same is true with TVs.

In 2021, LG TVs had just that happen, with LG Australia confirming that models made before 2021 would miss out on the webOS 6 update appearing on TVs from that year.

A year later in 2022, Samsung is going through a similar issue, as a new Smart TV interface rolls out across its TVs with in the “Smart Hub” experience.

So will older Samsung TV owners get it, or will they be left with the old experience alone?

Will Samsung TVs made before 2022 get the 2022 Smart Hub?

Sadly, the answer appears to be no, with Samsung Australia noting that it seems to be a 2022 TV thing alone.

Amidst the launch of the 2022 TVs in Australia, Samsung confirmed to Pickr that:

At this stage the interface will be accessible on 2022 models only.

That’s potentially not so fantastic news if you bought one of the 2021 models and hoped you’d see an update to the 2022 interface, or even one from only two years ago in 2020.

Samsung’s comment does seem to leave the door open for the company to release an update for TVs made in 2021 and earlier, but right now, if you want the new system, you’re going to need a new TV, it seems.

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