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LG’s flexible OLED tech returns as a big curved TV

It has been some time since we saw LG flex the concept of a flexible screen, but the idea is back as a bendable TV, made for folks who like a little more immersion.

Even though curved TVs have largely gone away, the concept of a curved screen still has a reason to exist, provided you have a reason to use it.

The idea of the curved display is mostly so that you can see more of the picture with one glance, which is why it has use in working environments. So many people love big screens, and you can get more done productivity wise with one, but when you curve the screen, that big screen is also easier to take in.

In the world of TVs, the curve doesn’t always work quite as well, because more than one person might be taking it in on a couch or somewhere else around the room. View a curved screen at an angle and you might see a skewed image, missing part of the experience, so flat is where it’s typically at. But that doesn’t mean flat has to be only where it’s at.

LG has dabbled in bendable screens in past phones, and it’s doing it again, announcing the LG OLED Flex LX3, a 42 inch OLED TV with a bendable screen and an electronic mechanism that can curve the otherwise flat screen to match a curvature of up to 20 different levels.

You’ll find five percent increments to curve the screen, with a remote control that allows the display to curve in and let you take more of it in one glance, or even push flat again for those who don’t need it to be curved.

The company is also catering the LG Flex LX3 for gamers with preference that can preset the screen to match genres of games, such as with strategy and first person shooters orienting the screen’s curvature to show 27 or 32 inches, while racing games and RPGs may want to see the entire thing. There’s also support for AMD Freesync and Nvidia G-Sync.

One thing you won’t find is pricing, with the LG OLED Flex more of an announcement of the cool tech on the way, but no official word on an Australian price tag or availability. We’ll let you know if that changes.

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