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Focal turns over a stone of sound in Littora speakers

Outdoor speakers are probably very portable in your life, but if you’re making the home fancy, Focal’s approach could just match your landscaping.

While you might normally grab one of the many Bluetooth speakers to take out and about for a spot of sound outside the home, that isn’t the only option available if you have a reasonable amount of money to spend. In fact, if you don’t shy away from a relatively high spend and want sound to stay outside, options are appearing, as Focal explores sound outside.

Not long after the launch of its first wireless pair of noise cancelling headphones, Focal is talking about loudspeaker options designed to sit outside and stay there, coming in the Littora range of speakers, due to arrive next year.

There are three variations on the way, with a satellite speaker in the OD Sat 5, a model that pops up from the ground and looks like a speaker, plus the OD Stone 8, a speaker that looks more like a large pebble designed to sit in a landscape and blend into the surroundings. It’s a speaker, but it looks like a rock.

And if you feel like you need something to bring the bass, Focal’s Littora 200 will have a subwoofer option that resembles something akin to a mushroom, delivering a half-buried subwoofer meant for the ground in the OD Sub 12.

Each speaker is water resistant, with an IP55 rating on the OD Sat 5, while the OD Stone 8 and Sub 12 are set for IP45, and what Focal says is an ability to “withstand any weather conditions”, making it something you don’t have to worry too much about when it rains, or maybe if it gets too hot or too cold.

However, they won’t necessarily come cheap, nor will they arrive before the 2022 holiday season. Specifically, the range will start at $950 in Australia per speaker, with early 2023 when you can expect to get and set a Focal Littora in your home if you have the room and the wallet to spare.

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