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Belkin gets stores to apply screen protectors with ease

If you’re anything like us and not a fan of having to apply a protector to your phone, something coming to retail could just make life a little easier and air bubble free.

It’s a fact of mobile phone ownership that if you own a phone you want to keep in the best condition possible, you’re probably going to want to install a screen protector pretty quickly to keep that glass looking spick and span.

If you’ve ever dropped a phone, or accidentally scratched the front element, you know all too well just how easily accidents can happen, and so screen protectors are a must have, and often the first accessory many of us buy for a new phone. It can happen to anything with a screen, and screen breaks aren’t pretty to look at or touch at all.

But buying a screen protector also comes with the problem of installation, and for many, it’s just not fun.

Even though the writer of this article has been reviewing phones for over 15 years, screen protector installation is one of his least favourite activities, and he’s just not great at it. He’s much better at speaking in third person about his disdain for installing screen protectors than he is at installing them, because there’s a good chance something is going to get stuck underneath. Whether it’s a speck of dust or a spot of an air bubble, something will get in under there ruining the look, and making him start again.

Accessory makers have been working on that with recent install applicators, something we found when checking screen protectors for recent iPhone models, but even with better application systems, you might just find it easier when someone else does it for you.

And that may be where Belkin comes in, at least with something the accessory and peripheral maker is rolling out to select stores across Australia.

It’s a concept called Screenforce Pro, and consists of an application system in-store staff will use to apply a screen protector to supported phones, which at the moment covers Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models. The whole thing is basically a system meant to make it easy for protection to be applied, and primarily so you don’t have to do it, cutting out an obvious pain point for customers when they take home accessories and need to do it themselves. DIY isn’t for everyone.

In Australia, the concept will be set up in select JB HiFi and Optus stores, with the protection essentially applied in minutes with perfect alignment, provided you’re buying a Belkin screen protector.

Outside of this, a similar version for home is being delivered in Belkin’s recent screen protectors, but you’ll have to make sure dust and other particles aren’t there yourself, which at least in-store will see staff help with.

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