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SVS shows several subs to Australian home theatres

Looking for a bit of bad you can customise using your phone? SVS is offering a new way to get that sub sound.

If you’re looking to beef up the sound at home for movies and music, there’s a good chance you’re looking at one of two options, both beginning with “s”: a soundbar and a subwoofer.

Sometimes they arrive with both, but not always, because some soundbars carry enough low-end sound and don’t need them, such as the Sennheiser Ambeo and the Sonos Arc.

But if you’re reliant on a proper amp and want some low-end sound, there’s a good chance you’re looking at a subwoofer, and it’s here that things are getting interesting lately.

SVS 3000 Micro

A speaker specifically designed for low sounds, subwoofers aren’t always easily understood. They often offer a set and forget mentality, whereby you plug them in and let them drive the bottom end for you, with only a modest volume knob being the thing that lets you drive just how much oomph you get, if it even has that.

But an American company could well be changing that, because yep, there’s an app for that, for their subwoofers.

In Australia, Interdyn is bringing two SVS subwoofers to Australia, with the 1000 Pro delivering sound through a 12 inch driver, as well as a smaller “micro” subwoofer, the 3000 Micro, which uses two 8 inch drivers to deliver more power in a small package.

SVS SB-1000 Pro

Both are built for relatively meaty sound, but both also come with an interesting feature you might not expect a subwoofer to get: an app that controls volume and presets management to deliver tuned performance for the subwoofer.

Connecting over Bluetooth, the app includes a 3-band equaliser controller to give you some direct control, as well as quick tuning presets for movies and music, as well as port tuning modes to give you different style of bass. It’s available on both iOS and Android, so the app isn’t exactly limited, allowing you to tweak a subwoofer a little more than simply dialing more it back or more in.

Each subwoofer is a little different, and priced a little differently, too, with the SB-1000 Pro coming in from $899, the PB-1000 Pro from $999 offering similar specs, but with the latter seeing two ports at the bottom to help cut back on the distortion, and priced a little higher from $999. Meanwhile, the SVS 3000 Micro is a different beast altogether, built to be smaller and possibly delivering the subwoofer realisation of “less is more”, priced from $1499 locally.

In Australia, you’ll find the SVS subwoofers at specialist stores across the country, with the subwoofer models available now.

SVS PB-1000 Pro
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