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Coles Boosts an iPad Mini deal before Black Friday

While Black Friday will likely mean discounts on gadgets and tech, a small shop-up could end up with a small tablet, too.

Black Friday is next week (November 26), and you can typically expect a bunch of sales on gadgets and software galore, much as there has been every other years, but Coles appears to be getting in a little bit early with something the supermarket chain doesn’t normally sell: an iPad Mini.

You might normally go to Coles for milk, eggs, yoghurt, cheese ice blocks, meat, toilet paper, and just about any other day-to-day item you want in your fridge or pantry, but in recent years, we’ve seen Coles expand to phones, collaborating with Boost Mobile for refurbished models of the iPhone.

Ahead of the 2021 Black Friday sale season, Coles and Boost will have refurbished 128GB iPad Mini 4 models for $359, while an iPhone 8 will cost $279, found across 400 stores in Australia. For those playing along at home, the iPad Mini 4 is a device that came out six years ago, distinct to the 5th-gen iPad Mini in 2019, and the new iPad Mini made this year in a new iPad Pro-like form-factor.

The devices come from Boost’s refurb program, which covers devices iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and iPad models, including the Galaxy S20+ and iPhone XS Max, among others.

Apple’s iPad Mini is one of the models also found in its refurbished database, with an iPad Mini 4 Cellular online, and these prices effectively appearing as a limited price for Black Friday, likely ending in late November.

“Black Friday this year isn’t just about getting a bargain, but also about getting what you actually want for Christmas, while it’s available,” said Jason Haynes, General Manager of Boost Mobile.

“We have observed the smartphone market facing unique challenges which we know will concern many of our customers and that’s why we’re so excited to deliver such great offers and promotions on the brands they want,” he said.

The shift in prices will also affect Boost’s service pricing, at least for most of the rest of the month, saving as little as $21 and as much as $50 depending on how much is paid for a SIM and its plan.

All are available in select Coles stores across the country, with the iPad Mini Coles Best Buys stores now, while all stores will get the iPhone 8 next week until they’re no longer available.

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