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Vodafone offers a $10 plan to relieve some subscriber stress

One of the last things you want to worry about is having your phone plan disconnected, and so Vodafone is offering a temporary plan for its customers.

The growing situation headed by the coronavirus crisis isn’t a welcome thing, but there are some responses worth mentioning.

While a few telcos are offering extra data to help customers deal with a work from home situation amidst potential broadband woes, not to mention support for putting plans on hold, Vodafone has stepped up in a slightly different way, with a plan that its customers can transition to for a short time.

A slightly different approach than merely putting the plan on hold, Vodafone is launching a temporary $10 “Stay Connected” plan for customers that will run for three months, and include unlimited standard national voice calls and SMS in Australia, plus 3GB data monthly for those three months.

Vodafone’s “Stay Connected” plan is a postpaid initiative, and customers who transition to it will be on the plan for a period of three months before they make their way back to their original plan, giving them some time before making their way back to a more costly plan.

“We recognise this is a very stressful time for many of our customers who have lost employment or income as a result of COVID-19, and we are a key part of their support network,” said Iñaki Berroeta, CEO of Vodafone.

“This plan will allow customers to stay connected to the people important to them and the services they need, without worrying about their phone bill.”

Vodafone’s special service goes in place from April 20 for a month unless extended, and is available to existing Vodafone customers on consumer and business Red or Red Plus plans. Vodafone does say proof of financial difficulty will be required to make the transition, though what that means is unclear. However you should probably be prepared to be asked some questions about your financial situation and employment status if you’re keen to take advantage of Vodafone’s three month $10 plan.

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