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Sony’s mirrorless webcam software adds Mac support

Own a Sony mirrorless or an advanced compact camera, plus an Apple Mac? Support is now across both, as opposed to just Windows.

In the work from home era, it’s not a total surprise to see folks concerned by the camera on their computers so much. For many of us, our daily trip to work is nothing more than a computer with a video chat to our colleagues and workmates, and that means dealing with the representation of you best set out by the camera included on your Windows PC or Apple Mac.

But it’s not always fantastic, and while the work from home year that is 2020 has seen some computers upgrade the webcam significantly, such as this year’s iMac, most are dealing with less-than-fantastic webcams that do the job, but aren’t necessarily the best.

It can be frustrating, especially given how many of us might have better cameras for recreation that should be able to be used in that way, but weren’t, at least until this year.

Earlier in the year, Canon joined in, as did other camera brands, and Sony was one of the recent additions, launching Windows software earlier in the year to do just that. But it was just Windows, with Mac users left out.

From this week, however, that changes, as Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam software comes to macOS 10.13 to 10.15, including support for recent Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras, as well as some of the RX advanced compact cameras and the Sony ZV-1.

As useful as this is, from what we understand, the footage may well be locked to a maximum of 1080p Full HD, with 4K video capture only available either through the camera’s recording as well as other HDMI 4K solutions available as dongles or capture cards for a computer.

However folks with either a Mac or Windows PC and recent Sony camera can now try it out, connecting the camera for use with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, or just simple video capture in general.

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