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Realme adds a Watch to its budget device lineup

Not content with doing just phones or wireless earbuds, Realme is looking to take on the world of smartwatches, too.

When you’re a smartphone maker these days, there’s a solid chance you’re making other things as well. You’re probably going to produce at least one pair of earphones, as nearly everyone does, and there’s a possibility for other things, as well. Tablets and computers are common, thanks to the technology being somewhat similar between phones and these gadgets, and wearables are often found here, too.

Wearables by phone brands can vary wildly, from the basic fitness tracker to something a little more complex, and tends to depend on which brand is producing it.

The latest entrant with both phone and wearable appears to be Realme, the sister brand of Oppo, which has announced its first wearable for Australia beyond its stab at wireless earphones, the aptly named Realme Watch.

Much like the Apple Watch, it’s a softened square take on the smartwatch with a 1.4 inch screen and a layer or Corning’s scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. There’s your typical assortment of health-related technology, on the Realme Watch with a heart tracker joining a blood oxygen (SpO2) sensor, plus support for up to 14 sports modes, sleep tracking, and music control, complete with IP68 water resistance, too.

The Realme Watch will also take notifications from a variety of apps on your phone, including Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, and SMS, but only if you have an Android phone. While most smartwatches will play with an iPhone, Realme’s Watch suggests Android is required on its specs page.

There’s also no mobile payment support and no common operating system, suggesting a lack of apps and watch faces will be part and parcel with the Realme Watch. Out of the box, there are apparently 12 watch faces, though this could be very similar to the Huawei Watch lineup, whereby the faces you get may not be as varied or versatile as on other brands. Just something to be aware of.

Realme has one angle that not every smartwatch can compete with, though: price.

At launch, the Realme Watch is pushing a sub-$200 price point in Australia, attracting folks with a $169 fitness-friendly smartwatch. You’ll find it online at Realme, as well as Amazon and select stores, including Australia Post now.

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