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Optus unleashes unlimited mobile data day packs

Most mobile plans come with set amounts of data per month, but if you’re an Optus customer and you’re willing to pay for it, the word “unlimited” is something you can now hit.

Some days, you just need a little more to get through. It might be an extra helping at dinner or a little more coffee to make it through the day. We get it, and we’ve all had days like it.

The same is true with data and bandwidth. Most of us have set amounts of downloads to get through over a month, and when you know that you’re pushing up against those numbers, if you really need more data, it can be frustrating. You might be waiting for the next month because you have serious downloads to get through, and you might just be dealing with the download speed cap more than one mobile provider has brought in, giving you more downloads at a fraction of the speed.

Mobile broadband can be frustrating at times, and if you’re after the best speeds with as much as data as you can handle, you’re probably either looking to spend a fortune or already are, if the plans even exist.

Optus has been thinking about this, though, and has this week launched an unlimited plan of sorts, albeit without the whole “plan”. It’s an approach that arrives as an add-on for Optus plans, allowing customers to pay for a single day of unlimited downloads, and to get 24 hours of unlimited downloads at unlimited speeds, no download speed cap.

Called the “Optus Unlimited Data Day” add-on, it’s something Optus customers can add to their plans, providing a full day of downloads at whatever speed they can get on 4G or 5G for $5 per day.

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To get the unlimited downloads, you need to have either an Optus post-paid or $30+ prepaid plan, and it only works in Australia, as well, so no chance of having this extend overseas if you want to drag those downloads elsewhere when Australians go back to flying beyond our borders.

You can, however, get the $5 unlimited mobile data add-on every day if you wanted to, though keep in mind, $5 over 30 days would charge you $150 for the month on top of a regular mobile plan, which could make for a hefty bill just to get all the downloads at the fastest speeds you can find.

Folks who do want to try this might want to consider having a recent phone, however, particularly one that can hit speeds at their highest levels.

While mobile reception varies greatly dependent on where you are, mobile speeds are also affected by the speed of the modem in your phone, and so if you have a modem with a Gigabit connection or a 5G device, you might find faster downloads to use with Optus’ Unlimited Data Day add-on.

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