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Optus rolls out double data for prepaid customers

Prepaid customers on Optus could just get a little more for their money over the next couple of months, as the telco sweetens things up.

Post-paid customers typically get a few extra bonuses thrown in with their plans, but Optus is delivering some of that goodness for prepaid customers this week through to June 21.

In a move this week that could help out customers over the next few months, Optus is doubling data on recharges of $40 or more, increasing the data amount by two, which depending on how many recharges you’re up to, could see see an increase of up to 60GB.

Optus prepaid recharges in at least one plan offers a large amount on the recharge for the first three recharges — such as 45GB for $40 and 55GB for $50 — before resorting back to a little over half the data on the fourth recharge. If you’re hoping the data increase will come from one of those extra large recharges, you’ll want to think again, as Optus has said this excludes the three large data recharges as it is.

The data, however, won’t stick around forever, with bonus data not rolling over, and expiring within the standard recharge time of a plan.

One catch worth noting is that the Optus prepaid double data doesn’t apply to prepaid mobile broadband, affecting mobile services only, but not broadband itself.

However it is available this week, with the double data applied to Optus plans from April 27 through to June 21.

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