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Nuraphone Gaming Microphone

Nura joins gaming with a mic addition

The music-focused Nuraphone headphones are getting an accessory to make the headphones better for gaming, and for folks who chat to friends while gaming.

Not every pair of headphones can be updated. Few can, really. Most often when you buy a pair of headphones, it’s built for the purpose you bought them for in the first place.

For instance, if you buy a pair of noise cancelling headphones, short of a new cable or case — maybe some new pads — the headphones are what you bought. The same goes with earphones, and shy of some new tips — have you ever considered memory foam tips? — you probably won’t be adding much to the pair of headphones.

But some headphones can be upgraded. Kinda. Sorta.

Australia’s Nuraphone headphones are getting that treatment, with their focus on music shifting to games if you happen to be a gamer.

Nuraphone Gaming Microphone

The headphones themselves aren’t changing per se, but they are gaining an accessory, and it’s one that may add a useful feature to gamers who use their headphones to chat to friends and adversaries, reliant on a boom mic that extends from their headphones.

That is specifically what Nura is adding, with the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone, an optional extra that uses the proprietary Nuraphone plug for charging the headphone and plugging in extra cables, essentially adding a boom mic that can sit at mouth level for gamers.

Nura’s Gaming Microphone is built to add a little more voice control for its Nuraphone headphones, which do support voice over phone calls, but may not be as well suited for talking compared to a boom mic.

For this gadget, the Nuraphone Gaming Microphone essentially adds a better mic to the wireless headphones, though there is a 3.5mm cable included, making it easy to plug in and compatible with devices such as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

As to whether the Nura’s gaming microphone will go into the Nuraphone profiles, that we’re not sure about. Our initial guess is no, simply because it’s an accessory for bolstering how you talk at and through the headphones, not how you personalise your sound overall.

However if you have a pair of the Nuraphones and wish they could do double duty for gaming, the Gaming Microphone can be found for $69.99 as an optional extra, or will arrive with the Nuraphones in a specialised package at $579.

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